Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My time flys...

It seems like just yesterday that I brought Daredevil home, but it has been almost 3 months since he came here. We had to give up the dark chocolate chamiosee doe, as we just couldn't afford her this year, but still got the other doe we had on hold.

CBF TZ Mew joined us on September 25th. We drove up to her breeder's farm and spent the day visiting, then drove home with her. She is a gold and white doe out of a chocolate buck and gold and white doe.

We are starting our fall/winter breedings of the rabbits. Today we bred AZBun's Candy Cane (chocolate English Angora) to Cloud (black chin hybrid angora), AngoraMoon's Ebony (black self chin Jersey Wooly), AngoraMoon's Ivory (red-eyed white Jersey Wooly) and AngoraMoon's Pewter (blue silver marten Jersey Wooly) to Giese's Rocky Road (broken chocolate otter Jersey Wooly). The litters are due about the beginning of November. Will take reservations after they are born.

We will start breeding the goats this month as well, so that the babies will be due in March. Our first round will be AngoraMoon's Lucky (brown chamoisee, F1 Nigora), AngoraMoon's Mariah (buckskin, F1 Nigora), and AngoraMoon's Gale Force Winds (buckskin, F2 Nigora), who will all be going to CBF TD Daredevil and Susan (dark buckskin, F1 Nigora) to AngoraMoon's Valentino.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Introducing: CBF TD Daredevil

He is the newest addition to the farm. A purebred, chocolate and white, 2 year old, proven Nigerian buck. His mother and sister both have wonderful udders and produce a lot of milk, so we are hoping that he can past those traits on to his offspring for us. He has daughters on the ground, but they haven't been bred, since they are from this year.

We also put a solid dark chocolate chamoisee doe on hold to make payments on. She is unrelated to him or the other doe we have on hold. Her mother is on 305 day milk test and has milked 323 pounds to date and her older full sister has milked 178 pounds with the highest butterfat content at 8.0%, of the breeder's herd.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lots of updates

Well, I haven't kept up as well as I would have liked. It has been eight months since I last updated the blog. A lot has happened around the farm in that time.

First the rabbits. 
 We added two Jersey Wooly bucks to the herd at the end of August. Geise's Rocky Road, a broken chocolate otter, and Geise's Snuggles, a Siamese Sable. Rocky Road was to be a pet for me, but has become one of our herd bucks. He was bred to our black self chin doe, AngoraMoon's Ebony. Who had 5 wonderful babies, 1 buck and 4 does. The buck is a black otter (AngoraMoon's Midnight Clear) and the does are a a blue silver marten (AngoraMoon's Silver Bell), a broken blue otter (AngoraMoon's Sleigh Bell), two broken black otters (AngoraMoon's Chinook and AngoraMoon's Black Ice). Snuggles has become a pet due to being to small to breed to our does.

We added a black chinchilla German/French/Satin/Giant Hybrid angora buck, Cloud, to the herd. He came from a breeder in Colorado and has settled in very well. He brings the agouti gene to the hybrid line and also produces wonderful fiber for us. He was bred to our chocolate English Angora doe, Candy. She had 6 babies, 4 does and 2 bucks. The bucks are a chocolate agouti (AngoraMoon's Jasper, who died at 4 weeks) and a red-eyed white (AngoraMoon's Ammonite). The does are a lilac (AngoraMoon's Amethyst), a red-eyed white (AngoraMoon's Beryl), a blue (AngoraMoon's Quantum) and a black (AngoraMoon's Jellybean). We have sold all of the ones that were for sale, except Beryl and are keeping Amethyst for our own use.

Now for the goats.
We had 4 kids born this spring, 3 does and 1 buck. First was AngoraMoon's Liberty Penny out of AngoraMoon's Lucky Penny x AngoraMoon's Valentino, a chamoisee F2 Nigora doe. Second was AngoraMoon's Gale Force Winds out of AngoraMoon's Mariah x AngoraMoon's Valentino, a light buckskin F2 Nigora doe.  Third was AngoraMoon's Hidden Treasure out of Flat Rock's Sapphire x AngoraMoon's Valentino, a tri-color (buckskin and white) F1 Nigora doe. Fourth was AngoraMoon's Merlin out of CF Ravenwing x AngoraMoon's Valentino, a partially belted black F1 Nigora buck. All but Gale are natural polled and all will be retained to help rebuild the herd.

We bought a F1 Nigora doe, Susan, and a F1 Nigora buck, Ricochet, from a breeder in the Albuquerque area. The doe is a dark buckskin with a white face and the buck is a light buckskin with white. They are both out of good milking Nigerian does and a NAG buck. We are hoping that they will help to improve the dairy traits in the herd.

I also have a gold and white Nigerian doe on hold with CBF Nigerians in Bosque Farms, NM, while I pay for her. She is out of good bloodlines and should help increase the milk production of the herd.

I am now milking the three senior does (Sapphire, Lucky and Mariah) twice a day and getting about 3/4 gallon a day from them. To see how I'm using the milk, check out Mysticklobo's Workshop, where I'll tell about my adventures in learning to make cheese and maybe even soap with the milk.

Now on to other news.
We got a new puppy for the farm, a male tri-color Australian Shepherd. We named him Duncan and he is being raised to live with the rabbits and poultry in the backyard. He will be a guard/herding dog for us.

We have also added 5 ducks and 16 more chickens to the farm. The ducks were a birthday present to my son from us. The chickens are so that we can have more fresh eggs. :)