Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My time flys...

It seems like just yesterday that I brought Daredevil home, but it has been almost 3 months since he came here. We had to give up the dark chocolate chamiosee doe, as we just couldn't afford her this year, but still got the other doe we had on hold.

CBF TZ Mew joined us on September 25th. We drove up to her breeder's farm and spent the day visiting, then drove home with her. She is a gold and white doe out of a chocolate buck and gold and white doe.

We are starting our fall/winter breedings of the rabbits. Today we bred AZBun's Candy Cane (chocolate English Angora) to Cloud (black chin hybrid angora), AngoraMoon's Ebony (black self chin Jersey Wooly), AngoraMoon's Ivory (red-eyed white Jersey Wooly) and AngoraMoon's Pewter (blue silver marten Jersey Wooly) to Giese's Rocky Road (broken chocolate otter Jersey Wooly). The litters are due about the beginning of November. Will take reservations after they are born.

We will start breeding the goats this month as well, so that the babies will be due in March. Our first round will be AngoraMoon's Lucky (brown chamoisee, F1 Nigora), AngoraMoon's Mariah (buckskin, F1 Nigora), and AngoraMoon's Gale Force Winds (buckskin, F2 Nigora), who will all be going to CBF TD Daredevil and Susan (dark buckskin, F1 Nigora) to AngoraMoon's Valentino.