Sunday, July 5, 2009


I finally got started on shearing! I know it is LATE in the year to just start shearing, but between weather, injuries and fencing I didn't have the time earlier.

I started on Valentino, my heavy Nigora buck, yesterday and got most of one side and half the other done, but my elbow went out, so had to quit for the day. Got out there this morning and got him finished. He is small enough that when I got to the point I needed him on his side for his belly, I just picked him up and laid him down on it. He just laid there and let me finish him up and then walked back to his pen on lead.

Tomorrow I'll try and get a start on Sabino, the easier of the twins to work with. He will stand there and let me shear him without a fight. While Frio, his twin brother will fight the whole time I'm working on him, so he will have to wait until I have some help.

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