Sunday, August 30, 2009

The new stock is here!!!

They actually came on August 11th, but this is the first time I've had time to get pics and blog about them. :) I got three Shetland sheep, two ewes and a wether, two angora does and a mini-nubian doe.

Here are the Shetland sheep.First is Pinata, a single coated pinto ewe.

Then Flicka, a double coated ewe.

Then comes her wethered son, Thistle.

Then there are the two angora does. Faith an "angel" patterned doe.

Ravenwing, a black doe.

The mini-nubian dairy doe.


  1. Hi goat Neighbor,

    I live in Moriarty, NM and raise Nigerians, mini Manchas and mini Nubians. I am currantly looking into Navaho angoras. I like them much better than the curly haired newer version.
    I would love to know were you purchased your two LGD's? I really would love to get a pup of that mix. I didn't know people were even mixing the two. I have been looking for about a year now.
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    The Jade Goat Farm

  2. I have the Navajo angoras, Nigoras, Nigerians and ONE mini-nubian for my goats. I also added the shetlands this summer.

    I got the LGDs from a breeder in Waco,TX. I don't know if they are doing anymore breeding, as they are an older couple. I **might** be breeding my female to a friend's male. He is a cross of Anatolian Shepard/Pyrenees/Komondor. She will be here in May, so hoping that things work out so I can. It took me 2 years of looking to finally find some that I could afford, but part of that was because my dh didn't think we NEEDED them. We lost 4 English Angora rabbits last year (February 2009) to a dog attack, after that he really understood WHY I wanted them. He was even trying to help me find some.

  3. If you do breed her, please let me know. Does she look like your boys? You can email me at
    I went out and looked at the angoras and I am in Love. I am adding 4 to my heard in the next month. 2 does a wether and a little buckling. He is soooo cute.