Sunday, August 8, 2010

Farm updates

It has been a long hard year. A lot of animals have been lost this year, to many to count. :( Some of the goats lost will be sorely missed in the breeding program. I'm down to one Shetland Sheep, Thistle the wether. The other two were some of the stock I lost to a sudden, silent form of pneumonia, that has NO symptoms until the animal dies. It was the same thing that took out the goats as well.

The breeding herd for the goats is down to Valentino (Nigora buck), Robin (F1 Nigora buck, Sapphire x Valentino), Lucky Penny (F1 Nigora doe), Mariah (F1 Nigora doe), Sapphire (Nigerian doe) and Ravenwing (angora doe). I have two wethers left, Yazzie (NAG) and Levi (Nigerian).

We have added some breeds to the rabbit herd. We now have Jersey Woolies (mini-angoras), German Angora and German Hybrid Angoras, as well as the English Angoras we first started with. We will be adding a French Angora buck and hopefully a Satin Angora doe this year, as well as more Jersey Woolies.

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your rough year. This one was hard for me too. I lost three baby does at birth and my very first doe I ever had to bloat. I had never lost a goat before this. It broke my heart. I also need to consider a drastic heard reduction sale. I think I may have taken on more than I can handle.
    I am glad to hear your rabbit breeding is doing well :)